oh wow, i just had to share the wedding that photographer Hanni of Troistudios shared in the comments of yesterday’s plants post! Romy & Raphael got married at the Botanical Gardens in Berlin – what a perfect setting for such an intimate ceremony. they also had brunch and a reception at two different locations afterwards, an idea i love that’s quite typical of many german weddings. probably the best wedding i have ever attended was my own brother’s wedding whose wife is german – the celebrations also consisted of several different events spread over a few days. and man, do those germans know how to party.

also just a quick kudos to the bride’s lovely vintage style dress & twenties hairdo. and, of course, the beautiful photography from Hanni & Marcus.

all photographs by Troistudios 


  1. Stun.ning. I love everything about her dress, hair…everything. I wish I could just order up the whole package for my own wedding day (should I ever have one), freckles included. This couple is the picture of playful elegance. Love!


  2. Wow, that reminds me so much of the Brooklyn Botanical gardens! I loved the desert greenhouse, but never would have considered it for a wedding venue. Too cool.

  3. Such gorgeous photos! Looks like a beautiful day! Love the brides dress and hair – thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the bride’s dress and hair. Also I have never heard of anyone having a wedding in a botanical garden. Amazing!

  5. This is amazing. such a unique wedding and they’ve kept it so beautiful too. Bride-so lovely!!! Ideal…dream wedding. Kudos to the photographer for capturing it all

  6. My jaw actually dropped when I saw these images. Stunning! It looks like the most magical day.

  7. Aaaaaaaw great! I just realized that the bride is wearing the same dress I ordered a few weeks ago! :) Marvellous and nice idea to use it as a wedding dress :)
    Wondering where to get it? Look here: http://www.vecona-vintage.com

  8. Hi, These shots are gorgeous! The lighting in so many of these is just stunning.

    I’m just starting up my flower blog. Please do stop by if you have the chance!

    x. manu.


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