well i could certainly deal with a few more months of winter after gazing at the new Aubin & Wills Autumn lookbook featuring Sophie Dahl and Andre Van Noord. i would also like all their clothes, please.



  1. yiiiikes. SO cool. is it strange that my favorite look is the one of Andre in the turtleneck sweater, boots, and overcoat? oh welp. and the first. need a good jacket like THAT.

  2. The girl is adorable, and I really love the pics! Thank you, love!

  3. I love, love, LOVE THIS.
    I’m not a really skinny lady (although nor am I particularly zaftig), but Sophie Dahl just looks like an amazing, beautiful creature that is just my size. I feel so excited and energized to see her so beautifully modelling/essentially selling clothes without looking like an emaciated girl.

  4. Sophie is a big fan of Debbie Harry so she would be thrilled to have someone say she looks like her.

  5. gorgeous photo shoot, loving the simplicity and great light… bonus, a peacock! and sophie dahl looks fantastic. who’s the photog?

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