some of you may remember my last Rewardrobe post, which was exactly a year ago today. so much has changed in my life since then – i moved to a new city & into a new flat, cut down hours at my day job and took on more freelance work. consequently my finances have been geared toward setting up home and other things that are way more important than clothes. like buying plants and making cheese pies.

the thing is, i have naturally become more discerning when it comes to what i buy and choose to wear. i guess this just happens as you get older (and approach 30) … i don’t really just pop in to shops anymore, where in the past i would have inevitably ended up buying cheap items that i’d only get a few wears out of. i used to think why should i spend [x] on these expensive boots when i can spend the same amount on many (cheaper, crappier) boots. now-a-days i can count the number of items i’ve purchased in the past year on one hand. okay, one and a half hands. two tiny little hands. all good quality pieces that i will hopefully get many, many wears out of.

so i decided to do another rewardrobe post – things i would buy if i somehow miraculously had extra cash burning a hole in my proverbial pocket. more than anything i like making fantasy online shopping collages. so, enjoy.


acne nude marlow dress / goat peppermint dress / 3.1 phillip lim dress / dkny sleeveless dress / tucker dress / madewell silk pleated dress / aubin & wills silk crepe dress / a.p.c. denim dress / paul & joe sister silk dress /l’agence belted satin dress / michelle mason silk georgette dress


monki lucy singletmonki melodie blouse / monki dannie shirt / a.p.c. peach top / m missoni top / equipment palms blouse / theory silk blouse / paul & joe pelican top / l’agence silk shirt / aubin & wills green shirt /


acne leather jacket
(who needs another jacket when you have acne?)


a.p.c. cure stretch jeans / j.crew café capri / alice + olivia arthur cropped pants / t-bags cropped printed satin pants


a.p.c. button down skirt / jonathan saunders rosalyn printed skirt


j.crew french hen sweater / mulberry tiger sweater / aubin & wills fox sweater


cold picnic watch /faux/real bracelet /acne amber wallet / karen walker sunglasses / acne chestnut wallet / suno x warby parker wendel sunnies


margiela handbag / common projects leather shopper / baggu drawstring purse / rib & hull heirloom tote / acne everest tan


rag & bone booties / diesel leather booties / a.p.c. loafers / kjacques sandals / asos leather sandals / margiela sandals / samantha pleet bonnie boots /dieppa restreppo dina oxford


  1. Oh this post took me into my own wardrobe fantasy world! Thank you for starting my Tuesday off right! Let’s have a bake-sale and raise those funds! :)

  2. I am in love with way too many of these dresses and blouses. I’ve been trying to be more discerning about my shopping and what I choose to add to my wardrobe, and slowly, but surely, I’ve been getting there. Love the idea behind this post!

  3. i wish more than anything that we would could all have fat pockets filled with Benjamins! this collage, however, is a-mazing and makes me want the fat pocket even more.
    great post!

  4. Quite nice ! that Scotch and Soda shirt is perfection ! And about spending less but better, i think it’s definitely about maturing!

  5. Those gray trousers are on my list too. And since it looks like they were on your list last year, you totally need to get them. They’re classic!
    Love your post-thank you!

  6. oh my goodness, i absolutely love this!!! and yes, i’m just like you and as i guess i’m a bit older (turning 32 this year), this and the fact that i was once a spender, now i’m always so conscious when i shop, there are always a million reasons on my head why i shouldn’t buy that certain thing. but of course, it comes to a point in which there are no reasons not to buy, just to buy! amazing post!

  7. Oh beautiful clothes! Please come live with me! You have great taste, Miss Moss.

    “i have naturally become more discerning when it comes to what i buy and choose to wear. i guess this just happens as you get older (and approach 30) … i don’t really just pop in to shops anymore, where in the past i would have inevitably ended up buying cheap items that i’d only get a few wears out of. i used to think why should i spend [x] on these expensive boots when i can spend the same amount on many (cheaper, crappier) boots.”

    I practically could have written that myself. Too many times in the past I’ve bought cheap footwear and it’s just so not worth it! They always end up giving me blisters and start looking super shabby after only a couple wears. The 2 pairs of shoes I currently wear the most are also my most expensive shoes. I’ve had them both for around 2 years and wear them constantly. So I’m absolutely convinced that spending that little bit of extra money on shoes (and clothes) is absolutely a smart move. Unfortunately for me, I can’t really afford to spend much money on anything, so I still go cheap on clothes for the most part. I get bored of clothes much faster than I do of shoes.

  8. Hey Diana, love the list & the idea too, pretty much the same thing I feel lately about my closet.

  9. This is a beautifully curated collection of wonder-dreaming.

    It was a sensory overload of want and need. I think I need to go and lie down now. Perhaps to meditate on winning the lottery.

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a load of work!


  10. Um, this collection is amazing. I would love to own all of these items too. I love how you colour coordinated it all. x

  11. Yep – you’ve got it spot on there, the big 30 looms for me too and I am drawn to more expensive clothes that will last (makes me sound like my mum!) Not that I can afford them though!!

  12. This is amazing. Love the Acne jacket (love Acne everything) and the Michelle Mason dress the most. But really love it all!

  13. Love EVERYTHING on this post. I too had the realization that it’s nicer to save money for very nice, unique items that are more meaningful than to buy tons of cheap, not-so-unique things. This is a very inspiring post, and a reminder for me to save money! :)

  14. This is such a fantastic idea for a post! I love all of your picks <3 Sometimes, pretending and collaging makes me feel like I actually -have- them. Then I go to my closet :\ haha.

  15. Leigh-Anne Reply

    I could not agree with you more! For a couple years now I have been but MUCH less, much better quality (and more expensive) garments. I also think you land up buying more carefully because you pocket feels it. Anyway, the blown laceups, The Space has a pair that is nearly EXCTLY the same (100% leather, locally made by Amanda Laird Cherry if I recall), I have a pair and I LOVE them , really well made, laces were a big long but i just replaced them. Think they where about R500? And the orange silk shirt, Country Road had an almost identical one! I bought a very similar black one 2 years (100% silk, also Country Road) and I wear it to death still, I have to hand wash it but it looks like the day I bought it. about R850 I think, but I cant tell you how much wear I have gotten out of it!

  16. I got a panicked feeling looking at these clothes. It’s not that I want them, it is that I actually *need* them. Especially a pelican print top and a perfect silk dress and some maison martin margiela sandals. Oh my heart. Thank you for the inspiration.

  17. I cannot tell you how much this is my wish list but better!! I love your blog

  18. If ever I need an entirely new wardrobe, and I somehow have a ridiculous amount of money for it, I’m coming here :P

  19. Please shut your face. And by that I mean you have excellent taste and I also wish I had some extra cash burning a hole in my proverbial pocket. I’m still in my mid-20s and purchasing too many cheap items that don’t get a lot of wear. I really do see the value of splurging on fewer, more high quality items, but the thought of dropping $215 on Aubin & Wills’ Fox sweater (that I truly truly love) makes me choke on the air I’m breathing. $215 is about 15% of my total monthly income so you can see why I balk. Excuses aside, if I stopped going to the mall and visiting ModCloth it would only take maybe a few months of saving up in order to afford that Fox sweater. I suppose I shall have to give that some thought.

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