i actually started writing this post a few days ago when i was in the grips of a nasty bout of flu, which is spreading through cape town like wildfire at the moment, but i simply could not muster enough energy to get even half way through it. consequently i spent about a week in bed or on the couch (watching many, many episodes of friends) and subsequently had to catch up on real work – which meant the blog has been on the backburner for a while. i’m sorry about that!

i did however find some time to spruce things up a bit around here… what do you think of the new design? i like that i can play with the look of the blog so much, it’s like experimenting with my hair without the emotional fallout of a bad cut.

so, after much time away, a these things is in order.

kate has busy rebranding all her personal projects – including her jewellery line. love the clay amulets!

rifle paper co just released their 2013 cities calendar:

love this turkish clothing line Uttu:

beautiful accessories from Benah:

Michelle & Martin Nørbo have a lovely home:

the stylish Karkashadze sisters are popping up everywhere…

left: all the pretty birds / right: street style aesthetic

dig the sash cord studies by Doug Johnston:

a long way from home:

thomas slater illustration:

get busy, get dizzy:

how cute are these toast plates!

love the all that is solid shop:

beautiful ensemble at no.6:

vessels by Kusafune:

i like it when the sartorialist photographs in black & white:

the colourful home of cris & marcelo rosenbaum photographed by the selby:

this salt bird by our workshop made me laugh:


  1. Amazing finds! I’ve also been atttacked by the dreaded flu so my productivity levels this week have been at an all time low.

  2. Rachel Townsend Reply

    The House, the woven bags, the toast plates, the lion vase… Urrgh All soooo gorgeous, Even all the clocks on the wall. Always Love browsing your blogs Miss Moss Thaaaanks.

  3. Rachel Townsend Reply

    P.S. I hope your feeling heaps better, Because the flu really sucks.

  4. why hello there! glad you like the store, it’s beautiful isn’t it! great post [great minds think alike, I posted about the same jewellery this morning too!] x

  5. Lovely post ! Hope you recovered from the flu! I always love your assembly of pictures. The calenders are really beautiful and I love the jewellery. Looks very natural and thats what I like!

  6. hey there, i’ve been a big fan of your blog for quite some time and for the past couple months, none of your pictures have been showing! i’ve tried it on multiple browsers.

  7. So happy you’re feeling better because these images are making me feel great! I love when the Sartorialist goes black & white, too!

  8. That salt bird made me laugh, too, when I saw it! :) I love checking your blog! Have been following for a while! Great work and great finds!

  9. these are worth waiting for, always leaving me with such a rush of inspiration! when i was trying to figure out what my features were going to be, you inspired me to make a 10 things feature. i have so much fun browsing the web collecting things to share.

    i especially loved the sartorial shots, they look like they were from another era. and the danish house too! made me long back home to norway.

  10. Thank you again and again. Can not get tired of you blog! Do you know where I can get hold of finger rings like the ones the girl wears on the second picture from the top? Love love love. – Tiril from Norway

  11. You’ve done it again! I love clicking on these ‘new’ discoveries. Great to see an Aussie brand, Benah thrown in for good measure!

  12. So happy to see you like ‘a long way from home’! Have been reading your blog for a while, love it.

    Talisa x

  13. I stumbled across your blog yesterday and as I was scrolling through, I noticed one of my photographs in this post (a long way from home)! To say I was flattered is an extreme understatement.

    I adore your aesthetic, this whole site is an amazing source of inspiration.

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