out of all the fashion weeks i find Milan to be the most fun – mostly because of my ever favourite italian design houses Marni, Prada and Missoni… but this year my favourite FAVOURITE favourite collection by far, ever, possibly in the history of all fashion weeks, was Dolce & Gabbana. which surprises no one more than myself because i’ve never been a big D&G fan.

just one quick glance over the entire collection and a myriad of things come to mind: summer holidays, the italian riviera, hammocks, umbrellas, summer heat, ripe fruit, cold drinks, seaside stripes – as if all the facets of a dream holiday had come together in one hot delicious melting pot wardrobe. and the best thing is that it’s all so wearable. the dresses have beautiful flattering silhouettes (tucked waists & flowing skirts! yes!) not to mention the detail that went into every fabric and every accessory (those shoes! those bags! those earrings!). holy MOLY guys, i can’t put into words how much i love this collection…

so i did a colour comparison instead. matching some of my favourite Dolce & Gabbana outfits to vintage travel posters, so that i can dream about going to exotic destinations and looking awesome at the same time.

truth be told i could have done one of these for each and every outfit, but i simply don’t have the time (alas) so please be sure to check out the entire collection plus the close up details at Vogue.

runway images courtesy of Vogue, travel posters courtesy of Boston Public Library.


  1. I absolutely love how you’ve combined the outfits and posters – so clever!

  2. I did one of my senior master’s thesis projects using some of the same vintage travel posters as backdrop; great minds think alike and all that. Beautiful work – as always. Cheers!

  3. I love it! You have a great eye! I wish their lookbook is as good as your work.

  4. Super amazing work… how do you do the backdrop thing? been trying to find ways of doing as part of my Elle style reporter challenge failed so far… please help.

  5. Love!! This is so beautiful. And I so agree! I usually barely even look at the Dolce shows but this one is awesome. I do concepting and mood boards in my job and I immediately bookmarked this show!

  6. this is so nice…I’ve put the collection on my blog as well, as you say it is exactly mirroring beautiful Italy…and the work you’ve done is amazing, the idea, and the combinations of the colors on the garment and on the poster…great
    Greetings from the sea
    Lili Gabbiano

  7. Caterina Toffoli Reply

    Incredible! You are so clever :) Where did you find those vintage travel posters? Love them! x

  8. @ Boy in PR and Gabi on 12th – these were done in good old fashioned Photoshop, no easy tricks unfortunately.

  9. Wow, you did an incredible job! You should be a muse to a designer.

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  11. The way these outfits go with the posters you chose is incredible. You were truly inspired. Amazing!

  12. You know, I loved this D&G collection too, initially. The colors, the materials, the stripes: they all felt so lush and romantic. But look closer and notice a few things. The collection is filled with prints (and earrings) featuring stereotyped racist caricatures of African women.

    Granted, those images also fit in with the era D&G are romanticizing–they were a very real feature of that 19th and 20th century exotic (and erotic) idealization of sun and heat and lushness. But this a collection made today, by white men, to be worn exclusively by white women (no black models were featured during the show I believe), and decorated with images that harken back to a long heritage of European racism and white oppression.

    If this was a political statement, it fell flat to me. But I feel fairly sure that D&G see nothing questionable in their use of those images at all. Looking closely at the clothes sure does reveal the luxury of those colors and materials, but it also makes my stomach start to turn. Would be interested to hear your take on this.

    • i did notice it, of course (and the lack of black models, which i found quite ridiculous). the collection is not entirely without context, D&G are said to have been inspired by Sicilian street fairs, heraldry, puppetry, Italian decorative arts, etc – which feature the kind of characters that are considered un-PC today (eg: Blackamoors). so, i can’t say what their intentions were – if they were trying to make a political statement or were simply “celebrating” their Italian heritage, warts and all, (or both?) …i’ve been reading about the backlash on some websites and someone pointed out that if they had used black models (actually wearing those prints, and those earrings) it might have been a non-issue. that said, those particular pieces didn’t sit well with me, which is why i didn’t include them in these mash-ups.

  13. So fun! never been a huge d&g fan either, but these have great patterns and shapes. definitely makes me want to travel!

  14. Me too!! J’adore D&G and now they are also in the Haute Couture, this collection is simply superb!

  15. These are amazing! May be my favourite series on your blog thus far. Great work.

  16. Hey Diana! This post was so fantastic. You have such an amazing eye and a real talent for bringing the best bits of creative inspiration together. Congrats on your fabbo blog. Lisa x

  17. Your mash-ups make the clothes look even better! What an artist you are! I love your blog.

  18. This is quite incredible. I can’t imagine how it happened there was a perfect background match for each design!… I also cannot imagine how long this must have taken. Beautiful :)

  19. Dolce & Gabbana was my favourite, too! The colours, the silhouettes, the prints, the head scarves, the dresses – bellisima! xx

  20. WOW! The mixture of the catwalk and the retro posters is sublime! They are meant to be paired together…. it’s just such a feast for the eyes! Lovely lovely lovely!

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  22. Wow, these are amazing. I mean, you’re honestly the best at this, hands down. Keeps me coming back every time.

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