i don’t make birthday wish lists in real life, and i don’t particularly like being asked what i want for my birthday. i’m a firm believer in giving someone a gift that you really want them to have, doesn’t matter how big or small it is… or how weird it may be (a basket of cheese, for example, would be a great gift in my opinion). but since it’s my birthday on sunday i thought why not make an imaginary wish list in the form of a nice things post? why not, i say! perhaps it’s your birthday soon, in which case you can send this post to your loved ones for some splendid gift ideas. happy birthday september babies.

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mr rabbit bag / stoneware planter + vase / flamingo print dress / hex bar necklace / japanese copper graters / hairpin plant stand / rebecca minkoff bag of tricks pouch / hansel from basel tights / nose ring holder / alexander wang devere satchel / cork bottles by vitrified studio / wave decorative porcelain bowlabstract painting by emmy rickard /woodcut by bryan nash gill /rope & mesh necklace /aubin & wills print top /general list notepad / linen party hat


  1. ah ha! I feel victorious knowing you’re a Virgo/september baby too (my birthday is the first!). all of this is wondrous – that alexander wang bag is insanely perfect, and the cork jar, giiive me it. hope your day is lovely!

  2. What fantastic finds! I have to say the flamingo print dress, hex bar necklace and japanese copper graters are my faves. Have a lovely day!


  3. Thanks so much for including my painting on your list of beautiful things! My birthday is the 24th…Happy birthday to us!!!

  4. Nice list! I have a couple of those white hairpin plant stands–they are great. Happy almost birthday, friend. I hope it rains cheese that day. xo

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