now, i know that people love to make fun of the many, many food photos you see on Instagram these days – but i for one love them. they are usually the number 1 photo that i tend to favourite, especially when the food in question involves the simple and best things in life – bread, butter and cheese.

so i was browsing through a flickr group called Food + Film when i realised that all the pictures i really loved, and clicked through to, were taken by photographer Isabelle Bertolini. based in paris, Isabelle takes most of her photos with a variety of film cameras (see her blog for more of her work and a list of cameras in her kit). be sure to visit her flickr where you can browse through the rest of her food photos and another lovely set called simple things.

all photographs by Isabelle Bertonlini. click through for the original.

all photographs by Isabelle Bertonlini.


  1. I love taking and watching food photos. Sometimes they serve as an inspiration for a recipe or decoration, sometimes they just make me hungry. :-) These photos by Isabelle are really nice, I love the setting and the light.

  2. I am lucky to have Isabelle as a dear friend and believe me, in real life her food is absolutely fabulous. Gorgeous pictures as always.

  3. Oh man, I got some food pics coming up, and not just any food: my mom’s triple threat ice cream that she only makes once a year because it takes 18 hours to make!
    It has a chocolate layer, a caramel layer and a coffee layer. It’s just.. brings tears to my eyes, seriously.

  4. i’m really passionate about food photography. i think it def takes a certain skill! these are lovely – i love the mandarin bowl!

  5. Oh, she’s managed to capture all the delight and happiness I feel about those simple meals – you just can’t beat a lovely little hunk of bread and butter (sometimes with jam, or creamed honey, or Vegemite!).

  6. oh i just found isabelle’s work today and realized that you had featured her here! you know, i’m not one of those that make fun about food on instagram, because i’m not even on instagram. i just think that nowadays everyone wants to post cliche photos and look hipster with all the film filters and all. isabelle’s the real deal. the fact that she lives in such a gorgeous city, just makes everything even more charming!

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