Band of Outsiders is well known for their range of lookbooks featuring celebrities shot on polaroid. Kirsten Dunst is a regular model, as is Jason Schwartzmann. i like the latest one with Josh Brolin because he’s not your typical indie darling… and he looks good as a cowboy.


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Polaroid / Quote

i'm enjoying this polaroid / quote series parker fitzgerald is doing as an everyday project for 2010.

valentin chenaille

valentin chenaille photography (wow)


  1. Oh, this lookbook is too cute! My favorite is the one with the toy horse. As much as I love Kirsten and Jason, I’m glad they decided to mix it up this time!

  2. He’s a hottie and I seriously dig their polaroid lookbooks. Especially the one with Michelle Williams. Thanks for this :)

  3. Oh my! The last photo is my favourite, I just watched The Goonies over the weekend – he was my tween crush.

  4. ladyoflettuce Reply

    awesome, best lookbook i’ve seen. so over models. more people should take this approach. bring on older, wiser characters.

  5. Goodness, Josh is so handsome…then again I’ve had a kinda crush on him since the Goonies :-p

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