i had a bit of a scare this weekend, the blog was down for more almost two days and i didn’t know how to fix it. it’s terrible feeling so helpless, but above all i was really worried that three years of fun and radness was going to disappear forever into the depths of the internet blackhole. luckily Jason came to my rescue – a guy who knows his web stuff, so if you ever need help in that department give him a call.

while i sat at my computer hitting refresh over and over and over, willing the blog to come back to life, i thought about what i would do if i was ever faced with the prospect of writing my last post… a last meal of sorts. and over the years nothing has made me happier than a good ol’ colour comparison. so that’s the first thing i did when i sat down at my computer this morning.

new york fashion week has been all over the blogs, twitter, instagram – and probably my favourite show out of the very many lovely collections was Mara Hoffman’s Spring 2013 collection. something about Mara’s symmetrical prints and bright palette reminds me of the colourful work of Ukrainian folk artist & decorative painter Maria Primachenko.

all runway images courtesy of fashionologie, all paintings courtesy of wiki paintings.


  1. Gorgeousness!
    You would have a small nation of blog followers devastated if the site went down.
    Thank goodness all is well in the universe.

  2. astonishing! I would like to wear one of these clothes at a wedding, I would simply make the other guests’ outfits disappear!

  3. i love this! So many beautiful colours and patterns.. really refreshing!

  4. You are incredible! As you would say- you’re RAD! P.S: Mara Hoffman was also one of my faves, those prints are to die for and thanks for introducing me to that artist.

  5. I checked in at least 15 times this weekend to see if you had posted anything new; know you would be dearly missed for your blog disappear into the ether. Thankful for your regular divine bits of inspiration! Love from Arizona.

  6. Oh, I can really feel with you! The same happend for me and my blog last week, too. Thank god I have a clever brother, who was able to solve the problem after a few hours :) I really like your inspiring blog and am relieved it’s online again.

  7. Brilliant! Loosing your blog would feel the same as finishing the last Harry Potter. Empty.

  8. Perfect! Via your blog, I always find so many great designers, photographers… and especially a lot of inspiration. Thanks for that!

  9. I bask in the glory of your design genius.
    (I mean, my goodness– this is perfection. How do you even…???)

  10. I am in LOVE with these. Thank you for making them, they make me SO happy. I am reposting them on my blog, I hope you are cool with that… love and light xoxox Mara

  11. Firstly, Miss Moss – you rule!
    Also, I went to the Mara Hoffmann Show and have to agree – amazing prints, loved every pice!
    xo from Chicago

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