boy does this post need an exclamation mark!

i’ve been promising the Cape Town City Guide for ages now – to people on twitter, via email, on facebook… you guys have been hounding me, i tells ya. but no one wanted it finished more than i did, and i’m so excited to share it with you. in fact, it’s not even finished yet! it will continue to grow and expand… as cities themselves tend to do.

this started as a humble post on the blog which i edited and re-edited for weeks and weeks until one day i accidentally hit publish. and for some stupid reason even if you delete it, it’s forever burned into your rss reader. so for those of you who bookmarked the now deleted post in your readers – don’t bother. this is way better! this is an actual real life website. that is why it has taken a bit longer to get to you.

so now you can easily browse my favourite places in town using handy categories like eating & shopping (those two go hand-in-hand). whether you’re spending a few days in cape town, or possibly planning a longer sojourn, i hope that this guide will help you along the way.


  1. SO rad! Well done – I can just imagine how long this took. The best part is being reminded how awesome Cape Town is. We are so blessed to live here!

  2. Thank you for creating something so brilliant Diana! Truly amazing.

    From a now very home sick Cape Town girl living in Sydney ;)

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! That’s just awesome, much better than I ever imagined, should have known you’d outdo yourself :)

  4. beautifully done! some of my fav places all in one space, and a few i haven’t tried yet. great work, can’t wait to share it with fam/friends who come visit.

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  6. Wonderful information and awesomely designed site! You may have just sold me on a trip to Cape Town. Thanks!

  7. It’s brilliant Diana, well done! And a big thanks for including me in your locals list!

  8. Wow SO nice! I have been looking for something like this. As a foreigner in Cape Town I’m lost sometimes haha

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