jewellery is something that i love in theory, but never really wear. maybe i’ll sport a ring now and then, or a necklace if i’m feeling really flashy – but mostly i don’t really accessorise as much as i should. this past weekend i bought a new necklace from skermunkil which i love, and it got me browsing the internet for more rad pieces to potentially wear. or dream about wearing. please click on the images to be taken to the relevant designers.



  1. I’m the same, love the idea and the look of jewelry but I have only two things that I wear daily: a pair of earrings and a skinny ring. I think there is no such thing as having to accessorize as we -should- but ah these do make me wanna own as many baubles as possible. You find the best designers!

  2. halllooooo, thanks so much for the mention. i’m so happy you like your necklace :) and thanks for all this rad jewellery inspiration. simple is real nice.

  3. I am loving this big chunk geometric jewelry I’ve been seeing this season! Thanks for turning me on to The Vamoose and Julie Cohn, totally love!

  4. This is possibly the best roundup ever. So many things just went on my christmas list.

  5. wow – so many AWESOME designers… we´re so very honoured to be included in this list! thank you so much (also i really love that collage you made with those pictures…)!

  6. Thanks so much for the mention! Flattered to be included and mentioned along such great pieces! xo

  7. These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!! You might want to check mine as well if you like. Thank youuuuuu!!!

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