i actually had a dream last night that i cut my hair into a pixie do after seeing these photos yesterday (the cut went horribly awry, by the way) so i felt like i had to share these this morning. Mais Oui Vintage is a Brisbane based vintage shop and this collection was photographed by Andrea Jankovicthanks to Lincon Taft for the link.


  1. You’re very beautiful !! And I love the pixie cut!!!
    You makes me miss having short pixie hair.
    I’m on my way in having a longer hair coz I’ve been in pixie hair ALL MY LIFE!!

  2. Ooohh i blogged about this too not so long ago. These Australians have such awesome vintage, if you’ve never been, please go. Love the photography

  3. The second gal with the red hair reminds me very much of Jessica Chastain in “The Tree of Life”. If only I could get my hair to do that…it just never works out for me. Either way, lovely photos + haircuts + clothing!

  4. Haha. Wow. I work with that first (pixie-haired) model in Brisbane. Her name is Charly, and she’s a great lass.

  5. Chopping my hair off is the best thing, ever. I’d say go for it :)

  6. What a wonderful set of photos and collection.

    I recently got a bob cut and by pinning the sides I can fake a pixie. Fake it till you make it right? :P

    Thanks for sharing the photos.


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