Whitney sent over the latest lookbook for her LA based shop Myrtle (you may remember the fantastic Tomboy Style lookbook from earlier this year). it was photographed by Megan McIsaac, and features designers such as Ermie (who wouldn’t recognise those first two dresses), Elkin, Feral Childe, Micaela Greg, and Samantha Pleet amongst others.

clothes: Myrtle /photographer: Megan McIsaac /models: Renee Lilley and Kate Smithson /stylist: Whitney Bickers


  1. Wow – these are wonderful! I especially love the last photo of the girl in black and white. Were some of these taken in an antique shop? Thanks for sharing!

  2. It seemed so wonderful and then I saw the prices… Why so expensive :'(

  3. Marta, theyre expensive because theyre all independent designers and it is expensive to source the fabric for clothing anywhere other than china, really, like all of the cheap-o brands do, among many other reasons. you’re paying for the quality, for pieces that will last you a lifetime rather than one season.

    anyway, thank you so much for sharing these photographs :) it was such a pleasure to make them, and both ladies were wonderful to photograph. xo

  4. Love that sweater with the front strap details.. so goooood. Lovely photos, now to save up for one of these amazing pieces!

  5. LOVE the clothes in the lookbook! Great styling too! I want it all!


  6. Shannon Halferty Reply

    I LOVE clothes that can stand on their own without needing a lot of accessories and that’s why I love your collection so much. Simple yet funky and bold.

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