i’ve started a board called Objects over on good ol’ pinterest, which is basically just an extended version of nice things. there will probably be plenty of things on there that i might not get to feature on the blog, so if you’re into more nice things than you can shake a stick at then please do follow.

left: ceramic beastie vase / right: atelier stella

serax maison d’etre fibre pots

left: milk pitcher / right: jewellery holder

left: herriott grace / right: louisa taylor ceramics

the superior labor at slow down joe

left: chair by martin olsen /  right: simplex wall clock

left: DIY gold leaf papier mache bowls / right: DIY stamps

left: apothecary bar soap / right: ladies ladies ladies tote

left: moko ceramic jewellery / right: braided bronze band

left: vanessa bullick ceramics / right: oui scented candle


  1. The Atelier Stella work awoke in me an absolute need to buy some for my home. I just scoured the internet for clues about how to purchase her work or contact her, but all I got is that her name is Stella Baggott and she is based in London. Please help!

  2. Agree with Angela Z. Cannot find where to purchase Atelier Stella’s super cool stuff.

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