sometimes if i see a trend in things i like or bookmark i make a folder on my desktop called “something” and start saving up pictures… something is there… i like something about it… it is something or other… maybe it’s just a fancy mood board. whatever it is, it’s something!




1. street style photographed by mia marionette / 2. phillip low sculpture / 3. clouded morning bra / 4. berndt friberg stoneware vase / 5.  steven allan paloma dress / 6. photographed by the sartorialist / 7. alexander wang desert booties / 8. matisse / 9. stone fox ring / 10. T + F slack shoes / 11. Brook&Lyn art/objects


  1. all of the colors here are such a breath of a fresh air, especially in the midst of the greys and blacks that have filled the winter-like weather where i am.

  2. that bra is just perfect.

    I love the idea of a ‘something’ folder! I need that in my life.

  3. hello. just thought that i’d tell you that you misspelled steven alan. it’s: steven ALAN
    i love the layout of your site

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