i abandoned tumblr a fair few months ago because i simply could not keep up with so many bookmarking sites (and it feels like there are new ones popping up every day, which is pretty scary). since then i’ve been using Pinterest exclusively, but i really missed Wearing the Pants (which is archived for your pleasure) – so i started a new board with the help of style mavens Cath and Mariah. here are some recent favourite Wearing the Pants moments.

FLORALS! left: vanessa jackman / right: a love is blind

PATTERNED! left: a love is blind / right: citizen couture

WHITE & NAVY! left: the sartorialist / right: stockholm street style

COLOURFUL! left: stylesightings / right: atlantic pacific

RELAXED! left: dam style /  right: street peeper

CHECKED! both stockholm street style: left & right

BLAZERED! left: dam style / right: stockholm street style

TWEEDY! left: the sartorialist / right: garance doré


  1. Great installment to your segment of “Wearing the Pants”. Nice work. Definitely love a pant at the season’s change. So many lovely sites mentioned here, too, really lovely compilation. brava, D!

  2. Those are some pretty fabulous pants. For some reason, I just can’t wrap my head around them, I have no clue what kind of pant person I am.
    I’ve embraced the skinny jean a couple of years ago, but that just felt too tight on my belows and now I don’t know which direction to go!
    Also, it seems like the portuguese market is very pant-challenged, sadly. I never find anything I actually wanna try on.


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