i have a sort of obsession with the midi-dress / skirt (if you follow me on pinterest you might have picked this up). it is just such a great length to me, so flattering and elegant and something that suits all body types. midi length dresses can take you from summer to winter and back again, you can wear them to formal events just by dressing up with some rad heels… i don’t know, maybe it’s just a personal taste but i love them. and i love seeing girls wear them.

there are so many short skirts and dresses in the shops here (seems to be the only type you can find in south africa) so i hardly ever, ever come across the longer length that i love – and if i do my size is usually sold out because women snap that shit up, son. get the idea retailers! invariably i end up fantasy online shopping and pinning away pieces i’ll probably never buy – even though i want to. ASOS has a great selection of midi dresses (they know their market) and sometimes when i’m lucky i’ll get a friend who’s visiting overseas to bring me a bulk order of the good stuff.

The Midi Dress

left: three floor motion pink midi dress / right: asos midi dress in spot print

The Midi Dress

left: asos midi strap with cross dress bodice in red / right: house of holland tea dress

The Midi Dress

left: warehouse chiffon hem dress / right: asos spot midi dress in black

The Midi Dress

left: asos midi strap with cross dress bodice in white / right: asos midi dress with neon embellishment

The Midi Dress

left: asos midi dress with lace panelling / right: asos midi dress with applique panel

The Midi Dress

left: asos midi dress in peach print / right: asos wiggle dress in vintage wallpaper print

The Midi Dress

left: asos midi dress in tile print with crossover bodice / right: asos midi dress with mesh and lace detail

The Midi Dress

left: summer midi dress in boat print / right: asos midi dress with scoop back


  1. There’s something very elegant and lady-like about a calf skimming dress. I love the red chevron dress with the purple socks! Seems much more practically for the chilly fall weather we’ve been having in the eastern us!

  2. Man, I love midis. They are so practical AND adorable. And you’re right, you can wear them for all seasons without a problem.
    Great, now I’m going to be thinking about wanting a couple more all day.

  3. i have to be careful with my height (aka short) when it comes to midis but when it’s the right one, it can be classic and demure at the same time.

  4. I do love these choices, but how does one who is not as tall or well proportioned avoid the looking turning into a granny state? That’s unfortunately always been my issue and apprehension :(

  5. I agree. So pretty. I feel very elegant and classic when I wear a dress this length. Don’t like showing too much thigh.

  6. I love a tea length or below the knee dress also…is just such a classic look, and never goes out of true style. Some excellent choices in your selection here. I have the ASOS dress in the “vintage wallpaper” design and it is very thin material, almost paper weight to the touch. Very lovely and perfect for a garden party or paired with stockings for a night out. And a total steal at $80!

  7. Oh what a beautiful selection! I love a midi-dress, and even a midi-skirt. I saw that House of Holland dress in the flesh at the weekend – absolutely stunning.

  8. It’s the same in Bangkok. Everything is so short right now. A year ago, when I visited, everything was longer. It’s just a cycle. But it’s refreshing to see an elegant midi-dress. Before I left Cambodia, I had a few dresses made from silk prints, some midi.

    I love many of the dresses you posted.

  9. We are just as obsessed with this trend! The second last look is definitely our fav :) Pairing the dress with a pair of trainers gives it a ’50s touch, which is very Lana Del Rey at the moment. We love your blog btw – keep up the good work. Anja x

  10. LOVE for the ‘Midi’…. they are a must in my wardrobe!!..great for me as i dont like to show much thigh..so seem to be much more flattering
    Short is out..Midi is in..!


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