i haven’t visited Shorpy in a long time, but since i’ve been enjoying the latest seasons of period dramas like Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire lately i thought it was time for a deep browsing session. it’s remarkable to see how rapidly things changed at the turn of the century (this is all i kept thinking when watching the season finale of Downton Abbey – how weird to see the characters in the context of a roaring twenties dance club). these photos are in chronological order and range from 1900 through to 1977, and though they are by no means comprehensive or representative of all those decades it’s still pretty cool to see how time goes by. it’s also interesting to see how photos changed when cameras became a staple of every home – a lot of vacation pics and posing in front of cars.

all images courtesy of Shorpy.


  1. I haven’t been on Shorpy in forever! It’s about time i revisit it! Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Wow, thanks so much for that post. I’m fascinated by the late Edwardian era, and there were a ton of photos there that I haven’t seen on the web before. Particularly liked the one of the woman beside the tree, and the restored group of nymphs. Enjoyed the modern captures too. Thanks!

  3. i love seeing the character shining through these women…i find that is lacking in alot of old pictures.

  4. I am from Quebec and I am so inspired by everything from England and thats why I’m a huge Downton Abbey addict and of course, it got me an historical inspiration about an old time, old style, and all of those pictures are simply incredible! Thanks for that inspiration!

    Olive xox

  5. Thank you for this posting,, really good start of the day :) these pictures are amazing

  6. Lise Guyot Reply

    Fantastic photographs love the crisp black&white love the era

  7. Thanks so much for all of the stunning images. So inspiring and makes me a little nostalgic for times that I didn’t even live in.

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