Gift Guide: Noir

find out where to buy below…

  1. 30 figures poster by anna larsson
  2. le chat poster
  3. layered hearts print
  4. brooklyn slate cheese board
  5. stanley classic flask
  6. c.o. bigelow cold and flu soak
  7. printed canvas ipad case
  8. falconwright clutch
  9. commes des garcons wallet
  10. cold picnic colourblock leather watch
  11. baggu fredericks and mae pouch
  12. klein tools zipper bag
  13. marc jacobs owl iphone case
  14. binchotan facial puff
  15. mima 100% wool pillow
  16. scout soap dish
  17. baxter of california hair pomade
  18. popcorn popper
  19. areaware iphone alarm clock
  20. heirloom bear blanket
  21. half star earrings
  22. sydney hale co. soy candle
  23. t-towel
  24. l’olio print
  25. 2013 topographic wall calendar
  26. 2013 kitchen towel calendar


  1. thank you for the lovely inspiration – now I guess I can just forward the link to my husband ;)

  2. Dear Miss Moss, you have a new follower. This is my first time on your blog and I just loved it.

    About this post… Really Great tips! The topographic wall calendar (<3), the bear blanket and the earings are my favorites! Now lets see what I can manage to buy online from Brazil!


  3. this is awesome. so pretty and well done. can’t wait till you post other options for other colours!

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