Gift Guide: Something Blue

find out where to buy below…

  1. inspiration folder
  2. spectacle case
  3. whale tape dispenser
  4. wide angle camera
  5. blue headphones
  6. bow tie
  7. universal adapater
  8. wall caddy shelf
  9. pop watch
  10. dascshund tray
  11. milk bon bon soap
  12. cosmetic bags
  13. sky blue shades
  14. ceramic barrette
  15. hellen scarf
  16. wool blanket
  17. turquoise ring
  18. infusion coffee maker
  19. happy bag
  20. lindsay emery ceramics
  21. let’s make some great art
  22. sea salt soap
  23. owl corkscrew
  24. clare vivier clutch
  25. little keeper case
  26. checked cutting board
  27. jar candle
  28. penfield beanie
  29. doodling girl plate
  30. enamel prep set
  31. feminist ryan gosling


  1. i just wanted to say that i sooo love that you’re doing your gift guides by color. love it. : )

  2. I just love the Prep Set from Brook Farm, fabulous…they have such wonderful products. Thank you for this little feature! Am excited for green…my favorite shade :)

    Happy Holidays to you, Sweet One! You are Greatness (not to mention my very favorite blogger) x x

  3. i loooooove the gift guides and wishlists you put together!!!! out of all the blogs i follow, yours is the one i always look through

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  5. this is perfect. i’m obsessed with everything!! what program do you use to make a college like that? it’s stunning!

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