hey, happy friday! here are some things i think are nice. they are nice things (no.14, in fact). though there are only 13 items here… mmm. perhaps i should correspond the number of nice things with the nice things number. nice things no.100 is going to be a doozy, guys. have a good weekend.

1: cat bread board / 2: tilly acorns plate / 3: everlane cashmere / 4: handpainted pom pom wrapping paper / 5: diamond hanging planter / 6: constellation iphone sleeve / 7: pyramid collar tips / 8: lanvin copper toe sneakers / 9: ann-ya leather pouches / 10: hand-painted milk jug / 11:  shearer’s soap / 12: the possibilities are endless tote / 13: hinged brass mirrors


  1. Cute! I love the everlane cashmere sweaters too… it’s just such a shame they don’t ship to my country :(

    The tote bag looks amazing. Really like it.


  2. Love everything you showcased here! I think I’d like one of each.

  3. Diana, thanks for sharing my Tilly & Acorns plate with your readers. I noticed from my etsy stats that I was getting a lot of traffic from you over the weekend. :) This helps me soo so much! I would love your address to send you a little something if you would like. :) xo

  4. I took a photo in front of those hinged brass mirrors in the I’m Revolting pop-up at Creatures of Comfort in LA this weekend! very beautiful. gorgeous collection as alwaaaays!

  5. I can totally vouch for the deliciousness of the Triumph & Disaster soap from little old New Zealand. Ammmazzing shaving cream ( for the boys) and moisturiser as well!!

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