Cobra Rock Boot Company is a boot making workshop operating out of Marfa, Texas by owners & bootmakers Logan Caldbeck and Colt Miller. they make these amazing western-influenced desert style leather boots of their own design using wooden lasts from the 40s & 50s, hammering and stitching every boot my hand using equipment that bootmakers have been using for over a century.

i just LOVE the combination of the traditional square-toe cowboy boot + contemporary short lace up desert boot – especially in that beautiful oil-tanned leather… you just know that these boots are going to last years and years. you can buy them online at arrow + arrow. images courtesy of CRBC, their instagram and arrow + arrow.


  1. this place looks awesome. i love seeing companies who make quality products that are also super stylish

  2. I’ve seen a lot of boots, but none with a shape like these. So, so beautiful! I’m lucky that I will be in Texas in a few weeks and this post gives me one more reason to go to Marfa.

  3. Rae Sikora Reply

    Would love to see you do a vegan version of these for the growing number of us who are choosing a compassionate vegan lifestyle for non-violence and environmental reasons.
    Thanks! They are beautiful!

  4. These boots are amazing! I love the classic leather, and the old-yet-new combination of the slanted heel and square toe. Seems like such a lovely brand. I’ll be saving my pennies for a pair!

  5. those are beautiful. marfa, texas is an incredibly interesting place. so much art and culture so far away from any major city – i love it.

  6. These boots remind me how much it makes sense to invest in quality things. I’ve re-soled my current boots (cydwoq — made in california) 5 times and am wearing them for my 5th season. Can’t say that for most things we buy! Thanks for turning us onto this awesome brand. You really are the compendium of radness. xx Bianca

  7. Via Pinterest I came across this brand and I fell in love instantly. I’m ordering a pair, definitely!

  8. I’ve just decided that these are the boots I need to accomplish the rest of my life. Unfortunately, arrow and arrow no longer stocks them, and Cobra Rock Boot company only sells wholesale via their company email.
    Do you have any suggestions as to whom I can buy them from (and have them shipped to Canada)
    Thanks in advance!

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