these ceramic Ghosts by Anders Arhøj & Louise Gaarmann simply stole my heart – it’s amazing how you can paint a set of eyes on something and suddenly they’re adorable little  creatures.

Based on the ideas of the Japanese Shinto religion believing that everything in nature has a soul – a mountain rock, a plant, a pebble on the beach – Anders ArhøjLouise Gaarmann designed a wide range of ceramic figures and blew life into them. The small Ghosts inhabit your living space and are useful for many things – paper weights, door stoppers, toys, wedding ring holders, kitchen talismans or as company on a lonely night with no friends around to talk to. Each Ghost is unique, hand thrown in earthenware, hand glazed, hand decorated and low-fired in the kiln three times.

photos by Kristina Demant


  1. Soooo adorable! Remind me of little Totoros. And the photos are so dreamy.

  2. haha. Only me who thinks they are a little bit creepy, cute, but I think I would feel somebody was wathing me constantly ;)

  3. Diana, I´m so new on your blog, but I already love it so much! thank you for your great sense of beauty :)

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