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  1. dipped wooden box
  2. falconwright pouch
  3. table lamp
  4. robe
  5. welcome mat
  6. sequin collar
  7. ice-cream cover
  8. guide to Nice
  9. tea egg
  10. rose point studs
  11. perfume oil
  12. organic face mask
  13. backpack
  14. colourful masking tape
  15. pink timex
  16. strawberry milkshake nail polish
  17. roller date stamp
  18. vamoose necklace
  19. sunnies
  20. walnut bird
  21. kids sweatshirt
  22. personalised ipad case
  23. coral watch
  24. miette cookbook
  25. wool dot throw
  26. lord & berry cosmetics
  27. flowerbomb by victor & rolf
  28. lula bra
  29. lip balm
  30. zip wallet


  1. First off, just wanted to say I love these posts. I know you’re organizing them by color, but I’d love to see a college student gift guide…

  2. Really cool list!

    I love “normann copenhagen”, they have very good stuff in store.
    I have this tea egg, but in green ;0)

  3. i have to admit i never think that i like pink things…. but after looking at your (amazing) collection, i have realized that not only do i love pink, i owe sooo many pink things. i’ve been fooling myself for years.

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