my friend Amy recently moved away to work at a game lodge in the bush, and though i will seriously miss her while she’s gone (i hate it when friends move away, why can’t we all just stay in the same city, huh?) i know she’s going to love it, because Amz is a bush girl. it’s also not many people who get to live in the African bush – that is a rare treasure, and something you should do once in your life if you can.

before she left she said she’s not going to change her style there, but rather maintain a Lauren Hutton Out of Africa-esque vibe. right on. so when i saw the fall campaign for Maiyet featuring Daria Werbowy somewhere out in the African wild i immediately though of Amz, and thought i’d do an ode to her in the form of a fashion meets painting post. hopefully she can print them out and stick them in one of her books.

before you ask, i did not paint these by hand. that would be ridiculous! thanks photoshop.

original photos: Maiyet Fall campaign featuring Daria Werbowy shot by Cass Bird on location in Chyulu Hills, Kenya. 


  1. Oh my lord, this shoot. That is beautiful, and completely to my style as well so thank you for sharing!

  2. These are so very cool! Way to take something already lovely and make it even better in your own way! Beautiful job.

  3. It’s very inspiring! Beautiful. This effect i used it sometimes to make a not really sharp photos look artistic too, but of course, this editorial has been done very well.

  4. You are an inspiration! These are truly museum-wall-worthy. 1) A magazine should absolutely hire you to do this work on an editorial in print – it is spectacular; and 2) Agreed with the above – you should teach a photoshop class. I’d love to learn from you! My favorite, I think, is the one in the yellow brush with Daria wearing the navy dress. So classically pastoral and dreamlike.

  5. This is absolutely stunning. These photos are incredible. I can’t stop looking at them.
    I’m totally with you, I want all my friends to pick one city and all move there so we can be together. But I suppose we all have our own adventure to seek.

  6. Won’t you do a tutorial on how to “paint” in PS like that? (or send a link to one you like) It is so lovely.

  7. you always have super good ideas! this looks super good!
    and the Out of Africa style one of the 5 best styles on the planet.
    Good luck to your friend Amy!

  8. These are BEYOND gorgeous. Yes, the fashion spread is lovely; but you’ve transfomed them into stunning pieces of art. I, too, would love a workshop on PS, would read your friend’s blog (should she write one), and think you should be hired by a magazine for an editiorial. Really.

  9. J’adore! I live in snowy Canada but am originally from South Africa. These bring back so many beautiful memories of my time in the bush at Timbavati. You have also made these pretty pictures into stunning works of beauty!

  10. Wow. I don’t follow your blog, I randomly came here via a completely unrelated pinterest post, but I just HAD to commend you on the absolutely breathtaking pictures. Such talent, even if it is “just” photoshop, I could never even come close. Bravo bravo bravo! Thank you for brightening my day.

  11. Amz. x

    (there’s a dialogue box that tells me the above is too short, but I’m pretty sure you’d agree it isn’t.)

  12. This is such a creative way of making simple but beautiful photos into something simple and elegant art. Love it. x

  13. stunning!!! pshop perfection.don’t know how someone’s not paying you gobs of money to do this for their next look book…

  14. These are surreally gorgeous. I agree with F- if I had a fashion brand I’d be paying you tons to make a look book for me!

    Hmmm…. Maybe you could use some of my art?

  15. Beautiful photos! Daria Werbowy reminds me of a modern Katherine Hepburn, she looks very classy and elegant.

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