my go-to gift, and also my favourite to receive, is a print or a piece of art for my wall (or floor, or shelf, or wherever i can squeeze it in due to impending space issues). 20×200 has a great gift guide going at the moment, which i think is perfect for the holidays. they specialise in limited edition prints at affordable prices, and you get them framed too so it’s a sweet deal all round. these are some of my favourites in their shop.


  1. Check out the exhibition currently underway at the art.b gallery at Bellville’s Library. It showcases the work of the third year UNISA students from the Cape Town area. The artworks are for sale.

  2. Here art is not presented as an art but it is presented as part of a space where art is so that we will feel a part of our life, and art as well as complement the door to the house, a window in the wall. See how very natural color of existing scratches.

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