i’ve featured the photography of Hannah Davis before here and here, so i was excited to see an amazing blog she set up that documents her 6+ months of travels through a number of south american countries and the wonderful landscapes of New Zealand. i asked Hannah for some more information, and she told me that she took about 45 rolls of 35mm film and 40 rolls of medium format throughout the entire trip. wowzers.

We went travelling for 6 and a half months – starting in New Zealand, then we travelled through Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico.  That was the first half of our trip.  Then we flew to San Francisco (where I have just got to on the blog!) and we travelled around the west side of the states, started running out of money so decided to go to Jamaica before our last week in New York! I haven’t been particularly selective about the photos shown – for myself they are a collection of memories as much as anything. Obviously to someone who doesn’t know us, I wanted the photos to depict a journey which captures that wonderful feeling of drifting from one place to the next – taking in beautiful landscapes and also catching a more intimate glimpse of our lives on the road.

follow Hannah at her website, flickr and of course her travel blog. also check out her project with Kate Duncan Rock, Forest, Sea.

all images by Hannah Davis


  1. These images are so wonderful and not at all helping to quell my current wanderlust! Its so funny I didn’t even read the blurb at the top but found myself thinking OH NEW ZEALAND. <3 Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I’d give anything to be in any one of those shots, looks like bliss.

  3. These are just incredible. I hope I have the guts (and funds) to travel the world for an extended amount of time someday… Photographer’s dream!

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