when i was in school i took textile design for a year as part of my art course. it wasn’t really textile design, i didn’t actually do any screen printing and everything was kind of laissez-faire in that high school art kind of way. but i did gain a lot of respect for textile designers due to the finer points of the craft.

so i’m always excited to discover new people who make beautiful things in the textile field. Israeli designer Lee Coren got in touch with me about her pattern collection which she screen prints onto scarves, clutches and totes. you can buy pieces from her collection at her Etsy shop.

The main collection is called ‘Local Environment’ – in which I took forgotten local icons that are most common in typical Israeli cities, such as curved window bars and plastic shutters, and brought them back to life in a fresh perspective through modern textiles patterns, that will then return to the city as quality scarves and bags.


  1. Yes. Yes to this fabric and yes to the goods. All.Gorgeous. I must look her/the shop up on Etsy!

    thanks so for sharing.

  2. wonderful idea with the hand written tags, I love those! thanks for this introduction to Lee’s work, simply beautiful.

  3. these scarves are beautiful, as are the pictures, but i’m so disctracted by her adorable haircut! want!

  4. pure gorgeousness! I studied textile design at college and Lee’s work really resonates with me. Her designs are both classic & clever. and I love that last image! Thanks for the intro, Miss Moss!

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