the one thing i’m pretty sure about re: the wedding is that i don’t want to hire a hair / make-up artist. i’m not high maintenance when it comes to these things, and besides getting the right primer & foundation i think i’ll be okay following a couple of youtube tutorials (practice makes perfect, right?). same goes for the hair, which i’d like to wear in a simple up-do or some kind of a pretty braided style (that’s where my bridesmaids and sisters-in-law come in).

i love looking at tutorials for DIY hair on the internet, so i was excited to discover Paris based hairstylist Rubi Jones through film company Lumineux. Rubi has a blog called She Lets Her Hair Down where she often shares hair tutorials on how to style your hair like a pro. she has done a number of wedding hair tuts which look super helpful.

seen any hair and make-up tutorials you’d like to recommend?

i’m also looking forward to seeing the video that Lumineux did on Rubi, as their body of film work is very beautiful. keep an eye on their Vimeo page for that.

 screencaps courtesy of Lumineux, tutorial images courtesy of Rubi Jones


  1. call me debbie Reply

    NIce combos. I wish I could do them too. However when it comes to the back side of my head and I try to do anything with just 2 mirrors, I isn’t sth good.

    tsiou, from  In Whirl of Inspiration

  2. Rubi has the best taste for all things hair. These photos are stunning, so happy to see Rubi on here!

  3. I wish I was competent enough to do my own hair like that! I’ve tried some of those tutorials before it does not come out anything like it’s supposed to!

  4. I love these DIY tutorials! But sadly, I haven’t been able to master my own hair. Hairstyling seems to call for skills that I don’t have… :(

  5. I did my own make-up at my wedding – it was really important to me to feel like “me” that day. Also, I wanted my groom to recognize me as I walked down the aisle towards him. It was one of the wedding decisions I made that I felt really good about. Go with your gut on this one fo sho.

  6. I went simple for my own ceremony and it helped take the pressure off so much ~ I had a low chignon with a vintage 1920’s headband low in the front. For the reception I wore my hair down in the loose curls from the chignon as had tied it up when still damp, with the headband. It all felt very perfect.

  7. I really like how these don’t look overdone, but add just enough flair. As for makeup, you probably know her already, but Lisa Eldridge makes amazing tutorials for every occasion (
    Congratulations on your getting engaged :)

  8. I wanted to do my own wedding day makeup but I found myself frozen with nerves the week before the wedding so I hired a make up artist last minute. I wish I would have had enough calm and self confidence to see it through.

  9. Oh, I follow her on Instagram but did not know she had a blog with tutorials, super! I did my hair and make up for my wedding and I felt super comfortable as I was so afraid not to feel like me if somebody else did it (because I’m not used to make up or fancy hair); it’s such an important event in life and you have to feel like you, I think.

  10. Oh beautiful braids! I’ve just discovered make up Lisa Eldridge’s tutorials. She’s done a series for Chanel, and there’s some beautiful, dreamy looks on her website too.

  11. Love She Lets Her Hair Down, that first one is exactly my wedding hair. If I didn’t have zero hand-eye co-ordination I’d have done it myself, but instead I had to settle for just doing my own makeup. I was worrying over whether I’d be too nervous to do my makeup on the day, and even booked a makeup artist – but the trial helped me make up my mind – no thanks, I’ll do it myself! This is the fun part, enjoy playing around, I know you’re going to make a beautiful bride

  12. I just want you to know that I just LOVE your latest post. Amazing and interesting! Thanks dear for sharing!

  13. I’m very much a fan of a bit of DIY hair and beauty, and more so now with the plethora of youtube videos out there. I have my hair coloured professionally every 7-8 weeks and I so wish I could do just as good a job at home, by myself, but alas, it has been tried and has failed. But on the styling front, I prefer fiddling about myself than what the hairdresser does any day. Anyway, Lisa Eldridge has already been mentioned a number of times, but I’ll do it again as I think she is pretty damn great!

  14. I highly recommend doing your own hair and makeup. I have piles of curly hair and I left it down for the ceremony and did a quick dutch braid/side bun updo during the cocktail hour. just shove in a million bobby pins and you’ll have no worries.

    Makeup was simple and easy, just make sure to invest in good quality for the day so you don’t have to worry about retouching every five minutes.

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