weddings at Babylonstoren never fail to wow me. the setting is so spectacular that you don’t need any frills when it comes to decor and the usual wedding jazz (a blessing, really). We Love Pictures recently shared the wedding of Janina & Lean that was held on the grounds of this beautiful estate. also be sure to check out the wedding of Victoria & Christoph that Mariah styled, also held at Babylonstoren. one thing i know for sure is that if a donkey makes an appearance at a wedding it’s about 1000% better already.

all photos by We Love Pictures.


  1. So simple, yet so absolutely beautiful! Did they have rosemary as ‘confetti’? – brilliant idea, love it!

  2. What a dreamy setting to get married in! Love the rustic, pared-down feel of this wedding.

    • hi Giulia, these are not my photos. they were taken by We Love Pictures. please see the link in the post.

  3. Big Sigh. Dreamy Sigh and then an Envious Sigh. I think I could live in these pictures if I could. xxoo

  4. These photos can surely tell a never happy ending story… Two thumbs up! It was stunning all of these photos… Great job!

  5. This is stunning. I love the hanging bunches of rosemary and I couldn’t wholeheartedly agree with you more about the donkey – he looks divine. C.

  6. What a stunning wedding! Love the hanging bunches of rosemary and that donkey… Gorgeous photographs that have captured the vibe so well.

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