despite the kinda ritzy name, Canadian retailer Aritzia has very beautiful wearable pieces, and some snazzy floral numbers too. i’ve always loved the idea of floral pants, but can’t pull them off myself – so whenever i see a gal rocking a pair i applaud the universe.

ps: you might notice things look a bit different around here. i did some spring cleaning… still ironing out the kinks though, so if you’re viewing this on safari on a mac in outer space i can’t guarantee everything is in the right place. but i’ll get there!



  1. Ah, an accessible brand for me! Aritzia is not available in Montreal (but is almost everywhere else in Canada!!) but thankfully they opened their online store. I still have a hard time biting the bullet on most of their pieces, but they do have some beautiful clothes, when you look past the sweats and hoodies. One of my favourite sweaters is from there!

  2. Congrats on the new look! These pieces are reminiscent of your new design :-) lovin the vibe here!

  3. Pastel colours and floral patterns are always a good idea. I’m a fan of the new blog’s look, can’t go wrong with a white background! And the header is very sweet.

  4. The site looks awesome, I recently launched a travel/life blog of my own, so I know exactly what you mean by kinks.
    I’m also a long-time lover of Aritzia and am very excited for these pieces to come out this spring.

  5. I also always thought I could never rock the floral pants, but I purchased my first pair three weeks ago and received a lot of positive feedback! I think it’s all about finding the right floral pattern!

    xx Michaela

    <a href="http://riseshinedazzle.blogspot.comrise. shine. dazzle.

  6. I’m so glad they opened up their online store – I used to work there and if you don’t sell over 400 an hour you cant keep your job, there’s girls fighting and crying all the time – I buy online strictly now.

  7. Ah Miss Moss your site’s re-design is beautiful! I love the floral print!

  8. I loved Aritzia when i was living in Canada – fresh, well-cut basics, and excellent key pieces each season too. It’s a bit more expensive than other Canadian chain stores, but worth it – I have items from there that are still going strong after a few years!

  9. Hiya! Liking the update to blog but wondering where links to other bloggers have gone to that used to appear under Archives? x x Love from Sedona.

  10. Lovely new look. Thank you for pointing out the change, I usually read your posts on Google Reader so it’s always nice to have to pop into the website. Much better reading experience :)

  11. I love Aritzia! We have a physical store location here in Dallas, TX, and they always have the cutest clothes. I was actually wearing a t-shirt from them earlier today! Sometimes they have incredible sales as well.

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