Oyyo is a studio based in Sweden founded by creative duo Lina Zedig and Marcus Åhrén, who marry Swedish design sensibilities with their nomadic moods and travelling adventures. the studio releases one to two new products per year to work up a core collection of textiles, pieces of furniture and accessories. their first collection is Oyyo No.1, a series of six original dhurries handwoven by a community of craftspeople near India’s Blue City, Jodhpur.

Uniquely made from 100% organic cotton and vivid vegetable dyes derived from local plants, our dhurries are conceived as timeless self-investment pieces providing comfort of the best possible quality out there. The dhurries are woven with techniques dating back centuries, devoid of machines, but with a contemporary design and colour pallet. Their carefully selected colours and exquisite patterns become a statement of Oyyo’s natural optimism and core values: We claim a re-engagement with the natural world and express our confidence in the productive wonders made possible thanks to cultural diversity.


  1. I really like these rugs, the strong colour and shapes and the way they have been photographed is so much fun. I am all for flying carpets!

  2. They really do look very swedish. I’m a swede, I should know. I’m loving the photos – very cool concept with the flying carpet and all.

    – Sofie

  3. STUNNING photography. I love how it captures the beauty of the carpets. I can imagine tha my boys would love to fly (sit, play, battle with dinosaurs) on ones of these unique and lovely carpets…I wonder how soft they are and resistant to doggie drool? So lovely.xxoo


  5. Really awesome concept. I love the history and process behind the making these beautiful items! Plus the design is just.. well .. really cool.

  6. How in the actual world did they do that photo shoot without getting footprints in the sand? My mind is blown. Rad rugs too.

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