i’m actually moving out of my lovely flat this month (sad face), so right now my mind is on the crappy business of packing up. it does make me feel a bit better to browse interior blogs in the process, so that i can imagine what i’d like my new home to look like. if you’re into beautiful Swedish homes like i am then best make a pit stop at Wonderdeco – run by stylist and blogger Sanna Fischer Nordström (who herself has a beautiful home), with photos by Ida Carrol.


  1. you and your awesome taste and all of your amazing finding on your amazing blog. there’s none of your post that has ever disappointed me. why are you so cool? :P

    good luck packing up and moving to your new place!

  2. lovely pics and beautiful design. Glad you shared them! hang in there with the packing and the sorting. It is always hard to leave a beloved flat even when you know new adventures and happiness are around the corner in your new place. xo

  3. Thank You so much for your words about my new page. That makes me so happy and good luck with your move. I hope U will like all the future homes as well.

    Sanna / wonderdeco.

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