10 awesomely awesome things, title inspired by the rad art up in (1) Kate’s home, featured by Warby Parker. (2) this girl all bundled up. (3) this wedding photographed by Modern Hearts. (4) this crown ring by Dean Davidson. (5) these salt & pepper shakers by Pigeon Toe Ceramics. (6) this hand-drawn business card. (7) this fun identity design for a bistro, by Manuel Dal-Ollio. (8) Kate again – this time her new jewellery line. (9) Bri’s amazing new living room. (10) clogs! always. especially golden ones (these are by Funkis).

10 awesome things by Miss Moss


  1. Yes yes yes. All things.

    And Emily Henderson did a killer job on Bri’s living room.

  2. All of these are lovely and work so well together, so kudos to that. Especially loving the Kate Miss jewelry – ooh la la. I can never have too much delicate gold jewelry, especially when it’s got a heavier, earthy side to even things out.

  3. I really like your match-ups! They always have a balance in terms of colors, shapes
    and everything…


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