whenever i discover a new online shop i go through various stages of emotion. 1. i’m excited by all the beautiful clothes. 2. i’m sad that i can’t order any of them. 3. i’m relieved because my credit card sits untouched. rinse, and repeat.

so when Catherine alerted me to & Other Stories i went through all these stages, but i also marvelled at the care that went into the look & feel of the shopping experience. i ended up browsing for far longer than i usually would any other online shop.  i’m also taken by the beautiful design of their in-house beauty range – which i’m actually lusting after more than the clothes. i can just imagine these pretty serums and potions sitting atop my sink.

& Other Stories is actually a brand under the H&M group, it kind of feels like a rad Scandi version of Zara. they just opened a shop in Regent Street in London, so i expect they will be branching out further afield soon enough.


  1. Siiigh, I know. I keep going back to their shop & eyeing up all of these lovely pieces i simply cannot afford right now.

  2. finally! i tought you were millionare or something! now i cant afford even that!…have to save!

  3. Hi miss moss! shame will they not ship to SA?
    I live London and could always send them to you as I post friends stuff all the time! (am a saffa living in London!)


  4. I shouldn’t have looked, they had free shipping to Spain and I couldn’t resist a beautiful Clare Vivier bag! My credit card blames you :D

  5. haha i just bought the stripey t shirt, couldn’t resist!! such a beauty!!! xx

  6. hmm don’t believe the hype! have to say my overall impression on the clothes was decidedly ‘meh’. The dress in the first photo above was the only thing in the shop I really liked.. I love Cos, its pretty much the only place I shop but Other Stories isn’t a patch on Cos especially the fabric choices. Also I wonder about the quality of the cosmetics as their nail varnish is possibly the worst quality I have ever bought! It is a unique shopping experience however and I did enjoy how the shop is laid out.

    • oh that’s interesting (and sad) to hear! i suppose with a big chain you’re always going to have the inevitable quality control issue, which sucks. i also love COS.

  7. I feel your pain Diana! As a Brit living in New Zealand, it’s so frustrating seeing all the pretty things from afar, but my bank balance is better for it. I’ll settle for lusting over the images instead.

  8. Alison Strieker Reply

    Am I missing something? How can I find these items (like the flats?)

  9. Another gorgeous post featuring gorgeous products! And love the new blog design, just beautiful x

  10. I love your blog!!! I hope it’s ok that I used two of your vintage Vogue magazine covers over at my blog. I gave you full credit and added a link back here to your blog.

  11. I’ve been lusting after & Other Stories since they started talking about the opening and launched their [quite agressive] social media campaign. Like you, I was attracted to the gorgeous and clean look&feel and was kicking myself for having chosen to move back to my hometown right before they opened! Fortunately I have some amazing friends in London and have a package coming my way to Rio, can’t wait!

  12. oh seriously rad! thanks for letting us know Diana!

    can anyone share their experiences with this brand? The comment of KATHRYN up there made me think tho..

  13. I live in Stockholm where & Other stories opened this weekend! It is like a candy store for women! The beauty section was actually what caught my attention the most – the preciousness of all the different colors arranged in harmony :) Also, great with sinks where you could rinse your hands after trying the different shades of makeup – smart because then you get to try out the lovely scented soaps (lemon, fig, Shinjuku bloom etc.). I ended up buying the fig hand lotion, shantung green nail polish and a lipstick “Ninon Pink”. I wish I had more money so I could buy some bags and shoes :)

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