Green Renaissance is a film production company based in Cape Town that specialises in green content creation – helping environmentally conscious organisations to develop creative content that promotes green and conservation initiatives. they have released some really sweet little films that encourage people to be green at home.

i especially loved the story about Gary ‘The Mushroom Guy‘ who started picking & eating wild mushrooms on his walks in the forest after suffering a heart attack. eventually he started growing his own shiitake mushrooms at home – and he shows you how you can also do it using a log and some mushroom spores. they also collaborated with Marisa from Opus, who all Capetonians will know for her gorgeous plant creations – she shows you how you can make your own hanging plant at home.

also check out how to make your own home made cleaner using lemons, using recycled tyres to grow artichokes, making real vitamin water, and picking & roasting wild chestnuts. explore all their clips on vimeo.


  1. great video, cool tone, warm music, and inspiring information. love it so much. keep up the “green-creative” work :)

  2. I love your blog! Thanks for introducing us to them – I just finished the “Homemade cleaner with lemons” and am enthralled. Excellent stuff.

  3. thank you for a link to this, I am exploring the videos now and they are so beautiful and amazing!!

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