Miss Moss // Kruger Park

i’m so excited to share these photos of our trip to the bush! a lot of what we saw couldn’t be captured on film – the animals are simply too fast for you sometimes, and most of the time they’re too far away to get a great shot – unless you have a telephoto lens (and you’ll see a lot of people with SERIOUS lenses in the park, trying to get that perfect shot). our best moments were experienced through binoculars – which are an essential item to have if you’re ever considering a trip to Kruger (or any game park in Africa).

for those of you who have never been to the Kruger National Park – or even to South Africa for that matter – i’ll give you some idea of how things go. the park is situated in the north east part of SA, and it’s fenced all around its boundary (see a map of it here). you can only get in and out by one of the 9 entrance gates that are on its perimeter. these gates are open between certain times (usually around 6am-6pm depending on the season). there are many rest camps inside the park where you can stay – from camping accommodation to luxury guest houses. you are not allowed to hang out in the park after closing time because it’s obviously insanely dangerous to be out in the wild after dark.

we stayed just outside the park by the Paul Kruger gate, so we had to be up every morning at 5am to get to the gate when it opened, because you’re most likely to see the best game early in the morning and late in the afternoon. around lunch time when the day is at its hottest, and animals are probably snoozing in the shade somewhere, we’d find a picnic spot where we’d make toasted sarmies – or burgers if we were feeling fancy. then we’d head back out for another drive, reaching the gate before closing time.

driving in your car is fine though, you don’t have to worry about safety unless you come across a tetchy elephant in the road – in which case you need to reverse away slowly… and maybe a bit faster if he starts charging you (let’s hope that never happens). the rule of thumb is that if the elephants are in a herd you don’t have to worry, they’re pretty chilled. but if you come across a lone bull, he might not be as friendly. same goes for a lone female if she has a calf with her. if an ellie starts flapping its ears at you, and shaking its head from side to side, back away… and leave it alone.

we were lucky enough to see all the big five – including a young  leopard that eluded us until the very last day. we also saw an amazing encounter between wild dogs and hyenas (pics further down). it’s quite rare to spot wild dogs in the park, so this was a super special thing to have seen. the wonderful thing about the park is that you get so excited about all the wildlife, even the birds and the insects. seeing dung beetles rolling dung and kingfishers catching fish – that’s the magic stuff.

anyway, enough of my rambling. here are some general tips if you’re ever planning a trip to Kruger. and if you’re not planning a trip, you should. it is one of the most amazing places in the world.

  • binoculars are your best friend. get a good one, your dad’s old binoculars from the eighties won’t do.
  • you don’t need a 4×4 for kruger – a normal car is totally fine. just drive SLOWLY.
  • take lots of snacks in the car. a flask of coffee and rusks is the best thing early morning when it’s fresh outside and you’re parking at a waterhole. don’t forget the sweeties.
  • some of the picnic spots have Cadacs that you can rent, so take stuff in a cooler box that you can make. eggs, bacon, burgers, toasties… the options are endless
  • get a good map of the park and take a different route every day, try to stay off the main roads. we hung out mostly in southern kruger, but managed to see a different section of the park every day (it’s a big place!)
  • don’t get out of your car unless you’re at a picnic spot, a rest camp or you’re with have rangers that have BIG GUNS. also be careful of the elephants!
  • try to visit in autumn / winter (may-august). it’s much cooler, and it’s the dry season too – which means that it’s less green and far easier to spot game. the animals also chill at the waterholes because water is more scarce.
  • go on a game walk with some rangers, you can organise trips like this at the rest camps. they can be pretty scary (if you’re a wuss like me) but most of the time you’re not likely to see any big animals as they smell you and get out of the way long before you arrive. also, the rangers have big guns. did i mention that already?

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  1. These are amazing! Makes me want to escape the London drizzle for the sunshine of South Africa…
    I’m sure you’ve answered this question a million times before, but what type of camera do you use? x

  2. ahem, surely you meant to write that Kruger is located North East part of South Africa, not the North West?

    • yep, i corrected that already as you can see. i also made several grammatical and spelling errors. it’s been a long day.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a South African wild dog.They are so intriguing. My, what a fascinating place, the Bush is. Thanks for the awesome pics & tips.

  4. Gahhhhhhhh. We went to Kruger in 2011 and it was AMAZING. I absolutely fell in love with it and am dying to get back to SA as soon as possible!

  5. Beautiful pictures! My husband and I try get to the bush at least twice a year, and I cry every time we have to say goodbye. It’s the most magical place on earth, and this post makes me want to be there NOW.

  6. WOW! Stunning photos! Absolutely amazing. I wish I could go there some day.

    Also, I want to say that I love your blog, it’s one of my favourites. This is the first time I’m commenting though. Hi from Sweden!

  7. omg so amazing. so putting this on list of places to see if i ever visit south africa one day.

  8. I’m really envious! The hippo herd is my favorite. Your photos are just spectacular in general!

  9. Amazing! Makes me wanna go out and see the wildlife up-close and personal too. Always a joy to read your post :)

  10. Utterly, totally, breathtakingly magnificent photos!
    Yes, I want to go NOW!
    Those dogs are really scary looking.
    I particularly enjoyed the photo of the dung beetle.

  11. Wow wow wow! Love so much. All your photos have such a beautiful almost vintage cast to them, they look incredible. Oh and I love your South African slang like sweeties, ellies and sarmies. ha! Hope I can visit one day!

  12. Ugh!! How do your photos come out so… amazing?! Is there some crazy click of a button in photoshop? A camera tip or trick? How? (For reals though…)

    Fantastic photos! Funnily, my favourite is the dung beetle..

  13. I know everyone has been saying this, but compliments never get boring, so: Your pictures are amazing! I love them all!

  14. I’m falling in love with this place because of your beautiful photos. I can only imagine it feels amazing to be there in person!! I love the shots of a lone elephant walking down the path. It evokes feeling of something strong, steady and secure, making it so beautiful.
    Hi from Singapore! :)

  15. Wonderful! I wish I could live in SA instead of cold and snowy eastern Europe – well, at least most of the time!

    Could you tell me what font is that in your first photo? By your example, I started making custom cd covers for all the music mixes I make for my friends and this one would be perfect!
    Also, PLEASE DO make another R/MX mix! The last one is still amongst my favourites!


  16. absolutely stunning photos. I LOVE THEM…!!

    curious to the type of camera you use and if you added some type of filter to the color shots?

    thanks for sharing…..! janel

  17. oh wow, is that like a rhino jaw bone in one of the photos?! this looks so amazing, thanks for the photos.

  18. Wow! I only get to see those animals in the zoo. I wish I could also go to South Africa and see them out in the wild.

    I also admire how you took those beautiful photos! Did you post process them? And what camera are you using?

  19. I went to Kruger with my family years back, and it remains one of the best trips we’ve ever taken. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

  20. Completely amazing pictures! I have been to both the Maasai Mara in Kenya and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania and was lucky enough to see the big 5 as well. I would love to Travel to SA next! Your pictures are just incredible. May I ask what camera you have? I am looking into purchasing a new one soon!

  21. Wow Diana, the picture’s you took are really so stunning. Great quality and framed so well! Glad you had a lovely time :)

  22. Amazing pics! felt like I was looking at something out of a 70’s Nat Geo mag…your photo treatment is wonderful

  23. jesselbeth Reply

    these pictures are absolutely beautiful and I love the way they have been edited. wildlife photos are often so similar and totally ‘done.’ you really have captured them in such a refreshing way

  24. you have such an eye for beauty! very cool shots! love your real, genuine tone, too. my favorite blog by far x

  25. The stand-off between the hyenas and wild dogs? OMG. That is SO COOL.
    Love the shots, looks like an amazing trip.

  26. Linn Maria Reply

    Theses images are absolutely stunning! Breathtaking… Thanks for sharing them and your tips!

  27. wow, such lovely pictures! love how each one is beautiful on its own, and adds something new rather than just being ‘standard’ wildlife photos- great job! (also, I’m with the others- what camera and post-shooting processing do you use?)

  28. SO gorgeous! I visited SA in 2008 (I’m from Canada), and we stayed at Kruger for a week. Each morning we woke and went on tours where the guides drove the vehicles and unfortunately we did not see the entire big 5. My photos of the animals we did see were just blurs and of their behinds running away from us. Needless to say your photos make me envious as well as desire to go back and attempt to capture the moment better. Great job!

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