OWL started when three friends from Berlin and Hamburg decided to “put their heart and soul into the intricate details of a new era of glasses.” similarly to Warby Parker, these guys make beautiful glasses at a great price point. and if you’re not German you can also have fun counting in probably the only Deutsch you know – as the glasses are named eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf

Our story begins with the question: Why do we have a hallway full of shoes, but only one pair of glasses? That’s because good-looking glasses are expensive. The right lenses even more so. And cheap glasses look, well cheap. That’s why we asked ourselves the next question: Why does it have to be like that? Our answer: It doesn’t. Welcome OWL.

their website is also beautifully designed thanks to We Are Fellows


  1. Love these frames, and glad to see that they offer sunglasses as well for us non-glasses needers (though looking at OWL’s lookbook makes me wish I needed glasses after all). Lovely photography, too.

  2. I love these! May need to add them to my wishlist post one of these days (and link credit back to you and OWL, of course)

    -Emma from littlemotley.blogspot.com

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