you’ll remember the beautiful lookbook from shoemakers TEN & Co. that i shared last year. well, they have gone in a completely different direction to showcase their Spring 2013 collection! showing off their beautiful handmade shoes in sumptuous table settings of food & drink, reminiscent of the still life paintings from Dutch golden age artists like Pieter ClaeszWillem van Aelst, Jan Davidsz. de Heem and Willem Claeszoon Heda (to mention a few). be sure to check out the entire lookbook and read about the story behind these rad shoes.

photography by René Cervantes, styling by Alex Brannian and Tory Noll


  1. LOVE these images.
    I’ve this company, but this lookbook makes them that much cooler.
    The food styling is amazing, and it is so creative to have the shoes in there. They almost blend in in some of the images. Thanks for the share!
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  2. Very stylish shoes, however, growing up German, I was taught that it is very bad luck to put a pair of shoes on the table. So much so, that I would never, ever do it. So, these photographs are hard to view without thinking this is very, very wrong.

  3. Lise Guyot Reply

    I love your blog it’s one of my favorites beautiful pHotographs great products posted clean beautiful thank you

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