consider The Socialite Family a French version of FvF – except focusing on families, of course. founder Constance Gennari started the website to share her true passion: “observing interior design through the eyes of a family, whether in Paris, New York or anywhere else in the world.”

Traditional values, more particularly, family values are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s world. As young parents, we not only have a responsibility to provide a just and honest education to our children, but also to teach them to appreciate the better things in life, as any true epicurean would. Through the lenses of various photographers that irresistibly draw us into the world of these modern families, The Socialite Family mission us to imagine and inspire.

i like the latest feature of stylist Aurélie Lecuyer and her husband Jean-Christophe who lives in Nantes with their two little boys. the beautiful photographs are by Melanie Rodriguez.


  1. fanouska18 Reply

    Lovely post and even lovelier home decoration. I just wanted to mention, however, that here is a typo with the husband’s name which should be Jean-Christophe, not Christophe Honoré (if there’s anybody else who was curious as to whether that was the French filmmaker).

  2. im a bit thrown off by the name but equally lovely. im definitely liking the site a lot.

    • yes i agree about the name – maybe the direct translation from french doesn’t quite apply, or something?

  3. Ooh gorgeous, although I have to disagree about family values being more prevalent!

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