when i think about how little i have travelled in Africa, a continent i’ve lived on for the better part of 30 years, i am actually pretty ashamed of myself. part of that can be to blame on the fact that i’m just a little bit of a lazy traveller. it’s easy to jump on a plane and book into hotels or backpackers in Europe. it’s just easy. (saving up for that flight to europe is not to easy, though). Africa is hard, in more ways than one. you need to have a pinch of the adventurer in you to deal with the interesting modes of transport and long drives, or dodgy bus trips, to get where you want to go. but once you’re there… man, is it worth it.

Anton Crone is a SA photographer & journalist who documents his African travels on his blog Bright Continent. on the surface it’s just amazing to see all the beautiful places that he has visited (Lake Malawi has long been one of my dream destinations) – but like the best travel blogs out there you gain a better understanding of life in Africa through the stories and anecdotes that he shares. i must admit i had something in my eye after reading this story of the Mfuwe school in Zambia.

you can follow him on twitter & read more of his travel articles at Getaway (want to know what it’s like to drive a Smart Car from Cape Town to the Ngorongoro Crater? he did that too). all photos by Anton Crone.


  1. The one of the two little boys, one in a suit, slays me. Their expressions are priceless!!!

    I’m confused — why is caps lock activated in comments? I feel like i’m yelling…

  2. although these photos are from all over africa you can get a petty good idea of what it looks like here in zambia. love the post, his shots are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful people people, fascinating textiles, compelling patterns, amazing fonts! thanks for sharing. I want to travel to Africa. Both my parents spent extensive time there doing volunteer work. My mother even learned to speak Swahili.

  4. Gorgeous imagery – definitely going to start following Bright Continent now. I’ve only been to South Africa, but consider it to be one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. Can’t wait to explore further out.

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