we’ve been living in our home for months but still don’t have anything on the walls. we’re those people. there’s plenty of art to put up, but at the moment they’re sorta hanging around, balancing on pieces of furniture and resting on the floor in art limbo. just waiting for their moment. i guess we’re just indecisive, actually hammering a nail into a wall feels like such a huge deal.

but if i had to procure one of these cool A-Frame shelves by Chiazzo, i’d be pulling that hammer out of the bottom kitchen drawer so fast it wouldn’t know what hit it (or what it was about to hit – haha! hammer joke.)

The A-Frames are an exploration into geometry, color and display in the form of functional wall objects. The shelves are inspired by a Danish folk design from the island of Amager, near Copenhagen, and are hand-cut with traditional woodworking saws. Assembled using simple wooden lap joints and no glue, the frames can be taken apart and flat-packed for transport. The shelves are hung on a nail and can be used for displaying arrangements of small objects on a wall.

buy them at their big cartel or etsy stores.


  1. So inspirational! Thanks for sharing! I really think you could make them yourself! gorgeous! <3

  2. I really don’t like shelves because most are just not so pretty. But these are perfect, I would hang these on my wall any time!

  3. Your finds and picks are always very special and beautiful, I love your taste. And good to hear i’m not the only one who is living with empty walls for months and art leaning against walls and hidden in dark corners, waiting to see the light of the day.

  4. Happily landed on your blog while searching for some geometric shelves for my studio. These are wonderful, thanks for sharing them.

  5. laura / / BOOKM▲▲RKS Reply

    Gasp, I am also one of Those people! I moved In to current place almost a yeAr ago and Our wall is still empty *Guilty*….

  6. i’ve been on the hunt for a shelfvesto display postcards, zines, etc. that won’t leave much of a mark on the wall – aka as minimal nail usage as possible. so, basically these are perfect. seconding maggie’s comment above.

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