Robert Holmgren is a photographer based in California who is originally from Rockford, Illinois. on his flickr page is a collection of portraits he scanned from old negatives dating back to 1971. here are some of my favourites.

They range from my hometown Rockford, IL, my first photography classes in Southern Illinois University, to homes in Kokomo, IN, San Francisco, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Menlo Park, CA and places in between. They include family, friends, co-workers and strangers. I wasn’t intending there to be a common linkage, only a record of seemed interesting at the time.


  1. So, so beautiful. there is such a nice mood throughout all of these – you can tell he made his subjects feel very comfortable.

  2. Awesome! i love all the weird, unique and fun things i always get exposed to by visiting miss moss. it’s hard to be unique on the internet but i always find something new and inspiring here! love those summer 70s shots, but of course most of all the lady in the plants. haha. nice.

  3. wonderful portraits…they really capture that time period. I’d love to see the whole collection put in a book format.

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