i know a lot of people have been complaining about the new flickr (oh don’t you hate it when a service you use just does something like that without warning) – but personally i only use it to browse other people’s work, and i am really enjoying the new photostreams. large, lovely pictures that i can get lost in. especially the work of photographer Robert Kaczyński, whose beautiful film photography will make you momentarily forget everything else.

all photographs by Robert Kaczyński

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  1. Absolutely incredible… Makes you appreciate the beauty of this earth in a whole new way.

    I don’t know how to feel about the new Flickr… I haven’t had a chance to really meld with it yet. Hopefully it will grown on me…

  2. hey there ! beautiful series ! i just come back from latin america and since most of Robert Kaczyński have been taken there, i thought that you might like to browse through the photos i took in argentina, bolivia, peru and brazil… you can have a look at inivlis.blogspot.com, i’ll be interested to know what you think of my pictures :)
    cheers, margaux

  3. Thank you! These photos are beautiful and remind of when I lived in Chile and travelled through those parts.

  4. Thank you for this discovery! It’s beautiful :).
    I love your blog and I read it to learn English because my mother tongue is French!

  5. Oh, wow. This may be my favorite of all your posts.
    That is saying a lot because I am so enamored with everything you show us! Haha.

    Love & well wishes from South America !

  6. Oh these are just too beautiful. I recognize a lot of the landscapes from a backpacking trip I took through South America last year, but gosh, they have a way of becoming extra gorgeous when seen in film, don’t they?

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