i really do enjoy making these collage versions of my these things round-ups, even though the image ends up so looooooong… you guys will just have to deal because – look! how pretty! this is These Things no.49.

all the information is below the longest image on earth.

Miss Moss // These Things No.49


  1. i like this print by Charlotte Trounce for Wrap Magazine
  2. the studio of french floral artist Claire Basler
  3. Tasty Tuesdays by Theresa Nguyen for The Design Files has been the best.
  4. Kate is also planning her wedding, and she experimented with flower crowns this week.
  5. Zucchini pancakes with yoghurt!! what?? yes.
  6. “the best hug of your life” by Monica Ramos for Buy Some Damn Art
  7. i only just discovered Tom & Lorenzo’s style recaps for Mad Men. they are amazing. also: that Sharon Tate theory. obviously do NOT click on these if you’re not up to date.
  8. this makeover by Emily Henderson for 98-year old Fran’s apartment in a senior living centre is amazing.
  9. Old Brand New has opened a shop!
  10. “handknitted, ordinary or unordinary things” by Maiami
  11. a paper pineapple by Marsha Golemac who is insanely talented with all things paper.
  12. notepads by Studio Sarah
  13. Sarah Thorne’s paper Stock stationery & ephemera
  14. THIS dress.
  15. a pomegranate print by Georgiana Paraschiv
  16. super cool designs by pattern designer jimena palacios
  17. a sex-themed Read. Look. Think. by Natalie Smith for Jessica Stanley. picture by Lonely Girls.
  18. we will definitely have a coconut cloud cake at our wedding
  19. this girl photographed by J. Quazi King made my week.


  1. Such a great round-up. The Maiami knitwear is beautiful and I love it when I see high quality fabrics in high street fashion brands like Mango. regarding the zucchini pancakes with yoghurt recipe, there is an English version on the blog too. :)

  2. This image isn’t long enough!! I’ve started to really look forward to these posts on Fridays, and this was a goodie.

  3. My goodness, those Mad Men style recaps are brilliant. But I’m definitely not up to date, so I’m reading with extreme caution…

  4. So many great things! So hard to choose a favorite…but I’m down with the zucchini pancakes and loving the pomegranate print, and the Claire Basler print.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Really nice collage. I love the background inspired by plants! Thanks for the suggestions too.

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