Alan Reid is an artist based in NYC who works with colour pencils. reading up about him i discovered,

his representational images of heiresses, bored fashionistas and aquiline beauties that have been called provocatively light, with coloring as delicate as his women are elegant. The work invites reasoning, provocation and negotiation of absurdist scenarios involving majestic women in insipid situations.

well, i don’t know about all THAT – but i do love his portraits, and would gladly hang one of his bored heiresses in my home. you can find out more about him, and see more of his work, at Lisa Cooley and Artsy.


  1. Always spot on with your selections of art! You have a great eye…some of these finds would skip right by my eye if it wasn’t for you. Thanks!

  2. I have a drawing of his called “what pretty legs you have”, it’s enjoying a fine naked lady and a monkey holding her leg but I know nothing about it .The drawing appears to have been done in pencil.

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