i thought i’d share a little resource with you today. if you’re into dabbling around with imagery, need inspiration for visual projects or graphic design moodboards or whatever – you might be interested in the Biodiversity Heritage Library. they have hundreds (thousands?) of hi-res images from a consortium of natural history and botanical libraries. you can delve into a world of insects and botanicals and fungi and sea creatures… gorgeous even just to look at.





i haven’t even scratched the iceberg of what they have to offer (mixing my idioms there, deal with it). but i couldn’t go posting all the pics ever, so i played a bit with this set of illustrated British fungi – pairing them with street style that have caught my eye recently.

street style: Vanessa Jackman

street style: Citizen Couture

street style: A Love Is Blind

street style: The Locals


  1. Amazing!!

    (my comment was too short, but seriously, amazing is all I’ve got..though I guess I could make a plug for nudibranchs!)

  2. Gorgeous! I actually have a butterfly poster which reminded me of the first two pictures.

  3. Wow, not only are those great but you got them to really pop with the streetstyle in the middle of them.

  4. aah ive just finished my biology a-lelvel so seeing then was a good reminder. Love how you incorporated the images with outfits, perfect. i’ve just re-started my fashion blog now that ive finished my a levels, would appreciate if you would take a look.


  5. Thank you for this treasure and and for all those other beautiful, inspiring images and projects.!

  6. This. Is. Amazing. I was looking for a high res botanical drawing of a petunia for a new tattoo, and now I know where to find it!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing this reference! It reminds me of Ernst Haeckel’s Art Forms of Nature drawings …

  8. Martin Kalfatovic Reply

    Thanks for the shout out and all the great comments. Glad to know you all like out work!!

    Martin Kalfatovic
    BHL Program Director

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