Joni Sternbach is a photographer from New York who specialises in the early wet plate collodion photographic technique. she has many beautiful projects to explore on her website, but the one that caught my eye was Surfland – where Joni documents surfers on the coasts of the US and Australia.

SurfLand is an ongoing project of contemporary portraits of surfers created using the historic wet-plate collodion process. The photographs are a unique blending of subject matter and photographic technique. Using the instantaneous wet-plate collodion process, I am creating one-of-a-kind tintypes that are imbued with a feeling of ambiguity, timelessness and mystery.


  1. I love her work! Her series on the Everglades is great too… I am happy to report that I have her first Surfland book (I hear she’s been adding to the project since) & that printed and as an entire collection to hold and view in your own two hands it is just as fabulous as you would hope! Cheers x

  2. Joni was my teacher! I learned Collodion with her and nothing in the word has made me as happy as when I used to spend the afternoons with her taking 19 century photos on a beach somewhere in the Hamptons. She is beyond amazing!

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