i’ve been slipping a bit on the post front this week – sorry. have been quite busy, and felt kind of chained to my desk to be honest. which always makes me worry about my health… all that sitting cannot be good for you. when i’m done with work i just want to dramatically push my chair away from my desk and not even look at the screen anymore (in a metaphorical way of course, my office chair doesn’t have wheels so i can’t do a real push and twirl).

i’m also suffering from severe cabin fever, as i’ve been working from home for the past 2 weeks due to renovations at our office. and let me tell you – working at home SUCKS. for me, anyway. it has been quite essential for me to get out of the house every once in a while, especially for walks on the promenade. in an ideal world i’d have my own little studio somewhere… one day, one day.

anyway! it’s time for a friday these things. oh hey, 50 seems like a big number! but i guess everything on this here blog is sort of a these things, so let’s not get too excited.

i have to start with this coat from the Chloe Resort 2014 collection which is just amazing:

these shoes by Alpha60 are cool:

cute leather hair accessories by Canoe:

love this french label Homecore discovered via Cath:

foldable vase covers by snugstudio:

Lauren Manoogian & Bryan Purcell photographed by Backyard Bill:

the Nina Ricci Resort 2014 collection is just exquisite:

this identity design by Anagrama for dry cleaners Nordic House is wonderful:

the new collection by Serax is rad:

Debra’s film photos of The Table really capture how great it is:

i would like these leather sandals from Everlane, please:

i don’t know what i’d put in this golden leather bag (fancy lunch?) but i want it:

A Kind of Guise is an awesome looking shop in Munich:

one of my favourite local labels Selfi has just launched their online shop:

these hanging plants are ideal for sprucing up a lonely ceiling:

very much into woven storage baskets these days. left: connected goods; right: wabi sabi:

Cuyana has some beautiful totes (and a lovely new design thanks to Jessica Comingore & Shilpa Shah):

Vegetarian Ventures is a great new-to-me food blog:

i hope that i run into the Van Leeuwen ice-cream truck when we’re in New York:

Naftul is a lovely Israeli label:

i like the idea of roller wallpaper:

stackable rings are everywhere, aren’t they? these ones by Hannah Naomi are affordable & rad:

such a bright & happy collection by Sarah Leslie Richards:

two style blogs that i’m enjoying right now, left: Polienne & right: Jazzabelle’s Diary:

and, Nelson Mandela is still in hospital. i dug up this photo to remind us of his greatness:

photograph by George Hallet.

have a happy weekend, everybody.


  1. Insane round-up! PS- I’m SOOO on the same cabin-fever page this week. Even with temps in the 100’s, after work I’ve been heading to the park and doing yoga in the shade and on the cool grass. Hate sitting all day and need to change that sooner than later. Happy Weekend!!

  2. I both adore and hate these posts. Adore because I want to own everything and read everything and am inspired by everything and hate… for the very same reasons!! Ha!

  3. Great round up ! So many great ideas. I love the Chloe coat, the little rings, the pots from Serax, the packaging design for Nordic House and …. well everything. Thanks for those post, they are a great source of inspiration :)


  4. Im one of the girls who work in the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck! would be awesome to run into you when you’re in NYC. Check the site for specific locations to know where we are.

  5. Great post! I have fallen in love with multiple items from the Serax collection, but don’t see from the link how to purchase anything. Are they only available to trade professionals, which might break my heart? Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

  6. I loved the Backyard Bill photos, and I ended up getting lost in that website for way too long. Thanks for sharing that link!

  7. Beautiful round-up… you have exquisite style! Thanks so much for mentioning Vegetarian Ventures in it. : ]

    I want those round plants in my kitchen. right. now.

  8. great! Interesting and absolutely love your sentiment at the end – very sweet photo of an incredible man!

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