if you’re a regular iPhone snapper / Instagrammer (or, indeed, a professional photographer) you’ll be familiar with VSCO. their original VSCO Cam iPhone app is a favourite of many, with a handful of beautiful film presets and easy editing tools that turn your every day photos into something pretty magical. they just released their updated app (so you can’t get the old one anymore) – and it’s now free, but features in-app purchases for several film bundles. faded & moody; bright + clean; analog classic… take your pick. i haven’t played with it too much, but it is a sweet little app and i know it will help make my pretty average photos on instagram look just that little bit better.

the most exciting thing about the update for me is their release of VSCO Grid – a free minimalist publishing platform for people to showcase their mobile photography. they emphasise that it’s not a social media platform – i.e. not a competitor for Instagram – but rather, “focused on craft, curation and content, and less on followers and likes.” at the moment it’s in the beta / testing / let’s hope we don’t break the servers / only for awesome people phase, but hopefully it will roll out to the rest of us soon.

edit: just got mine! check it out here: missmoss.vsco.co

here are some cool people whose grids you can check out so far.

s. Fawn DeViney:


Kevin Russ (also know as a bit of an Instagram demi-god):


Nirav Patel:


Dear Leila:


Tim Lampe:


and some more to follow: Ana Barros; Mark Weaver; Jerad Knudson; Joanne (aka The Mrs); Carter Moore; Greg Lutze. discover and read more about VSCO Grid here.


  1. Have you played with the in-app camera yet? Aside from VSCO’s filters always being top notch, the exposure and focus features on the camera are the best part of the whole thing. I’m excited for Grid, but I sure hope it doesn’t turn into a horrible social site cluttered with sloppy snapshots.

    • I played with it a bit more today and you’re right – I really noticed a difference with the exposure & focus. Also find the normal editing features really great (haven’t gone as far as buying the in app filters yet though)

  2. So pretty and inspirational, thanks for sharing their streams. Vsco Grid and most definitely everything related to Vsco products are quite always beautiful. They’re it.

  3. Thank you! I’ve been wondering about this app and you have answered many questions I had. Yay!

  4. how. good. is. the. new. app!!!!!

    I adored the old app (hence buying it), but even the beautiful interface of the new app is great. funnnnn!


  5. yay, was looking for more great photogs to follow! love the vsco grid.

  6. Oh, I’m enjoying the new version of the app so much. And I thought the old one couldn’t get better!

  7. I love the update too. I just received my invitation code mine is erniepac.vsco.co I think ine of the big internet companies will huy this one just like what happened to Instagram and Tumblr and it will be a big photo sharing social app. It has huge potential. Hello! I’m calling Apple, Virb and Squarespace.

  8. Hey Diana,

    I just got my grid yesterday and I’m wondering where you managed to set your profile picture. I can’t see any option in my profile settings – is there a trick I didn’t realize?

    You have a really nice grid btw :)


  9. hey i just got GRID! LOVE this! btw just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue with not being able to add a profile photo?

    checkout my grid – marcusantonio.vsco.co

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